Retail Industry

Over one decade we have managed to develop a tailor made solutions to curb loss experienced in various retail industry business setups. Some of the major irregularities include Loss from irregularities on received and dispatched goods, Point of sale collusion, Shoplifting, Damages and expires, pilferage etc. Read more on our services

Quickmart supermarkets
Cleanshelf supermarkets
Eastmatt supermarkets
Gilani's supermarkets
BuyRite supermarkets
Souk supermarkets
Choppies supermarkets
WoolMatt supermarkets
Aspira Kenya Ltd
Pure Health Ltd
Shoprite Supermarkets

Manufacturing and Processing Industry

Business operating under Manufacturing and Processing are faced by major loss causing irregularities experienced from the processes of Receiving of Raw materials, Production, Packaging, Dispatch, Warehousing and Logistics etc. Hipora offers self-driven solutions that ensure loss is contained.

Bidco Africa
Highlands Mineral Water
Deekos Bakery
Aspedo Dairy