Hipora Business Solutions E.A Ltd provides a highly efficient and cost effective Turnkey solutions program over a short, medium and long term period which adopts the ultimate approach to identifying causes of losses in your business and obtaining the necessary trail of evidence to make the necessary recommendations to curtail shrinkage (inventory/stock losses).

Measured growth and a stable client base across East Africa have ensured a solid infrastructure.

These business units are efficiently driven and supported by several regional managers assisted by a large team of area managers, investigators and operational assistants.

Our clients ultimately enjoy the results, operational ability and hands on approach of Mr John Wanjohi.

Our collective expertise ensures that all our valued clients enjoy the benefits of decades of experience combined with state-of-the-art technology.

Our proactive approach to evaluation and end to end process approach is to arrive at turn-key solutions and to keep with the ever changing trends leading to business losses.

The end to end process is designed so that all our services are customized to each client’s needs.

To cater for an ever changing industry where the process is continuous, we ensure that our services are relevant to a growing industry where we can minimize losses attributed to shrinkage, and theft in business.

John Wanjohi

Hipora Business Solutions E.A Ltd
John Wanjohi