Loss Prevention and Security Services for Supermarkets and Manufacturing Companies

Loss Prevention and Security Services for Supermarkets and Manufacturing Companies
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John Wanjohi, CEO Hipora Group of Companies talks about loss prevention and security services and discusses the importance of background checks when recruiting new employees.

“As a service provider for the sector, we offer loss prevention and security services. Most of our clients are the supermarkets and manufacturing companies.

One of the things that is challenging is the kind of people they employ because they do not do a lot of background checks.

When one person leaves one employer and goes to another, the second employer does not do a background check to find out how they left their first employer.

We can identify those rogue employees. We are very focused on integrity issues. We partner with clients who want us to assist them in loss prevention and we give them staff who are trained for that.

Most of the clients who have not engaged our services are losing a lot of inventory through theft, collusion between staff and suppliers, collusion between clients and suppliers, and collusion between staff and customers, especially in the supermarkets where you have customers buying goods from the supermarket.

Even in manufacturing, you will find that most of the people who are buying goods from the manufacturers collude with the staff inside the business.

We are useful because we can give them trained personnel who are able to prevent the losses between the staff of the client and the suppliers or the customers”, says John Wanjohi.

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