Loss Control Managers

Loss Control Managers play a vital role in the day to day operations of any business to ensure the adherence to policy and procedures relating to risk management, loss control, inventory management, safety, security and insurance of your business.

Double Checkers

A key position found within the receiving and dispatch areas of any organization. Double checking supports independent verification and accuracy on administration of physical stock movement against documentation and ensuring adherence to laid down policies and procedures along your organizations’ inventory management process.

Camera Room Operators

cameraCamera room operators’ primary function is the constant monitoring and assessment of criminal activity and staff productivity within your business. The procedure is monitored via CCTV surveillance and is complimented by direct communication with management via 2 way radio or paging system. The CRO operates from a privately and secured camera room.

Stock Controllers

stockStock Room Controllers play a valuable part in the control and movement of stock from stock areas to other designated areas by process of verification. Daily inventory reconciliation between physical and system stocks thus giving a variance report for investigation and action.

Front End Controllers

At dispatch Area ensuring Bulk Items purchased are as per the receipt.

Front end controllers are placed at the point of sales (POS) and dispatch area to ensure that cashiers follow company policies and procedures. This is done by conducting random spot checks on purchases made, verifying that all products packed are paid for and that legal tender has been used.

Where high risk tender such as debit/credit cards have been used, scrutiny and verification will be enforced. In addition, FEC’s are trained and experienced to identify potential loss and risk incidents at the point of sale areas including pricing incidents, non-scanning items, wrong barcodes.

Stock Taking



Inventory Management is a key factor in every business and it is always recommended that a business owner must at all times know his stock holding. Most business owners keep pumping in stocks but they do not know their stock holding at any given time. Hipora will enable you to know your stock holdings of your business at any given time. We do regular independent stock takes for you to ensure your system figures are always in agreement with the physical stocks. Any variances observed will be a concern to the business owner and we shall assist investigating the variance causes.

CCTV Equipment

CCTV_CamerasWe provide the supply and installation of closed circuit television systems and remote surveillance systems.

Cameras and equipment installed at clients premises will record on a continuous basis and footage will be viewed by trained monitors at intervals. Clients will receive detailed reports highlighting incidents by category of transgression including date, time and place.

Business Intelligence



Our multi-skilled agents are placed within the organisations  with a specific brief to infiltrate and successfully identify sources of loss and irregularities, thus providing our clients with reliable information on which to make informed business decisions.  We have developed a solid network of informers in most areas of retail, trade and industry which allows us to rapidly validate information received.  Hipora undercover agents are individuals from diverse backgrounds with both operational and professional experience.