• Loss Control Managers

    Loss Control Managers

    Loss Control Managers has a vital role in the day to day operations of any business to ensure the adherence to policy and procedure relating to risk management, loss control, safety, security and insurance.

  • Double Checkers

    Double Checkers

    A key position found within the receiving and dispatch areas of any organization. Double checking supports independent verification and accuracy on administration of physical stock movement against documentation.

  • Camera Room Operators

    Camera Room Operators

    Camera room operators’ primary function is the constant monitoring and assessment of criminal activity and staff productivity. The procedure is monitored via CCTV surveillance and is complimented by direct communication with management via 2 way radio or paging system.

  • Stock Controllers

    Stock Controllers

    Stock Room Controllers play a valuable part in the control and movement of stock from stock areas to other designated areas by process of verification.

  • Friskers


    We are able to supply services of Friskers who are fully trained in all aspects of security, health & safety and fire regulations. Friskers are strategically placed at your security gates, main door entrances and staff entrance.

  • Covert Cameras

    Covert Cameras

    Covert cameras are an admissible tool in detection of any irregularity or misconduct in your day to day operations.

  • Training


  • Crime and Investigation

    Crime and Investigation

  • Our Resources

    Our Resources

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